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I’m Katya (she/her), I am a certified Dynamic Mindfulness Yoga Teacher. My father introduced me to yoga when I was a child. But my conscious practice begun with Iyengar yoga around 10 years ago. I went deep into this style and learned a lot about asanas, body alignments, props etc. After a while I realised, that I want to move away from linear movements and guru based tradition, and find more freedom in my practice. That brought me to Dynamic Mindfulness School.
In 2021, I finished 200 hrs of Foundational Dynamic Mindfulness Teacher Training with Tatjana Mesar.
Later on, I completed a Sacred Birth Prenatal Yoga & Doula Training (85+ hrs) and Postnatal Yoga Teacher Training (20 hrs) at Awakened Spirit Yoga with Julia Forest, Stefanie Antunes and Alexa Rittichier.
I’m continuing my education with Tatjana on the Advanced Dynamic Mindfulness Teacher training. Growing up with my four-year-old child. Besides yoga and mindfulness I have a passion to photography as I studied visual arts and worked as a visual editor and photographer.

If you're interested in practicing movement and meditation with me, take a look at my offers and get in touch.

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